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February 26, 2011

LOLTheFilm Presents Our Exclusive Interview with LOL star, Tanz Watson

In early January, we got the chance to interview, up and coming ‘LOL’ actor, Tanz Watson. We asked him a variety of questions, and he answered them candidly. In our exclusive interview with him, he talks his¬†inspirations, Miley Cyrus, which co-star he was most close with, and more. As you read the interview below, you will get an inside look of who Tanz Watson really is and what he’s all about. Tanz isn’t just another, pretty face. He has the talent,¬†ambition, and it factor to back it all up. Without further¬†adieu, we present to you all our exclusive interview with Mr. Tanz Watson:

LOLTheFilm: What was it like working with Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus, Ashley Greene and the rest of the cast?

Tanz Watson: It’s like living a dream, in real life. 3 of the biggest female actresses in the world who are also 3 of the nicest/coolest girls you will ever meet. Got 3 great new friends and couldn’t be happier.

LOLTheFilm: What inspired or motivated you to get into acting?

Tanz Watson: Before I started I was huge in basketball. That was my goal, to play in the NBA. When I serious back injury I began modeling. Which was a great way to start, with the traveling and meeting of different people. I landed a commercial and It gave me the acting bug. I loved being in front of the camera and creating. I’m a very competitive person, and I take a basketball menality into acting as I want to be the best, and do the best job, and don’t mind competing for a role I want.

LOLTheFilm: Who did you hang out with the most while on set, filming LOL?

Tanz Watson: I was very blessed that I became geniune friends with everyone on the cast. I was the least experienced, and no one looked down or treated me differently, which was really cool. With that said, I would say Adam and I were the cloeset on set. We hung out all the time, to the point that it was strange to see us not with each other, lol. We stayed next to each other in the hotel, We did different movie skits at random times thoughout the day, and one time got a security to think we were really serious, and he called the cops – lol.

LOLTheFilm: What can we expect to see when LOL hits theaters later this year?

Tanz Watson: You can expect to see a cast that really did it’s best shooting this movie. You can expect to see, love, laughing, friendships, relationships, and partying. You can also see some of the new stars like “Ashley Hinshaw, Douglas Booth, George Finn, Tanz Watson, Douglas Booth” grow and become better actors working along side such tremendous actors. You will see the best mix of known actors and upcoming fresh faces.

LOLTheFilm: What are some of your favorite actor and/or actresses?

Tanz Watson: Whenever anyone has asked me what actor inspires or who I want to be like, I would always say I want to be the first Tanz Watson. That said without question I’m motivated and inspired but many. Will Smith is my favorite actor and the only actor I would want to have a career like. He said ” having A plan B is only taking away from plan A” and it really hits you when the biggest actor in the world, still loves competing and being the best, and making sure everything is perfect, even if it wouldn’t matter. Miley also inspires me, she at the time was 17 when I met her. There isn’t a 17 year old I know/met that could spend a day in her shoes. From all the media, to work, to just “The Miley Cyrus” brand. She is beyond amazing and does the best job you could do. Always professional and never could question her love or perfection for work or her fans.

LOLTheFilm: What was it like traveling to Paris to shoot LOL?

Tanz Watson: Going to Paris was the icing on the “best cake ever” – I get this amazing opportunity to film a leading role, with amazing people, and than they tell us we are also filming in Paris. The smile that I had on my face was priceless. Paris is a city that not only did I love, I could def live in. The buildings and artifacts are breath taking. The rich history and food are priceless. The people are amazing. I remember they would wait outside our hotel, for Miley and Ashley Greene, and Adam, but would go crazy for you to talk to them They truly love people and embraced us.

LOLTheFilm: What do you have to say for those who want to sing, dance, or act?

Tanz Watson: I love creating, and from someone who plans to release music and create with dance or anything else, I say Make it happen Too many people have regrets. If your dream is to be an entertainer. You should go for it. BUT! Also know its not easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. I was very blessed with great timing and people helping me. Usually first roles aren’t lead roles in movies with huge names, but sometimes that happenes. For me, it was being prepared, focus, and have no other option but to succeed mentality.